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YOUR WEDDING – Class and Elegance… But, HEY! Let's have some fun as well!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and the beginning of a new life together. We want to make sure it is a perfect day and goes exactly as you wish. This is our specialty! Every wedding is different, but after over 25 years of weddings, we are prepared to help with whatever you wish for! If you are looking for formal or for absolute party we've got what you need. There are no hidden costs for add on items, Our packages are straight forward and to the point, because they were built for you! We hope it is refreshing dealing with a DJ that does not dive into telling you what they are going to do! We are going to spend a great deal of time listening to your ideas, opinions, and helping you to select what will make the day perfect for you! We'll even try to pick the DJ that matches your personality. This is the reason one of our brides gave us the motto, “Your Event… Done Your Way!” You can meet your DJ prior to booking and we recommend that, but you will always do your final planning meeting with your DJ so that we are all on the same page the day of your event.

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Wedding Help For You

These are resources we have put together to help our brides and grooms over the last 10-15 years.

Planning and Rehearsals

We start out with an amazing planning guide.  It plans out for you step by step the entire wedding process with numerous worksheets to document everything. We provide you with a username and password so that you can log in, review and make changes 24/7. Prior to wedding day, we will get together to go over the guide and finalize details and music. Chandler, Phoenix AZ Wedding DJ – AZ DJs – Starz Entertainment

We would love to help you with your rehearsal. We can bring out a sound system and set up the same way it will be on wedding day. We can provide entertainment for your rehearsal dinner (like Bride & Groom Trivia and the Newlywed Game). We have several options available at a nominal cost. Please call 480-830-1308 for more details.

We have well over 50,000 songs in our music library and have long since converted all tracks to computer for instant access and to handle all types of requests. Along with professional grade sound equipment, we provide true diversity cordless microphones for your ceremony and reception (true diversity helps to prevent dropouts or static.) Dance floor lighting is also included in most of our packages to provide that cool nightclub effect for your dance party!

Your Wedding Day

We will arrive early and we do keep stand by equipment ready to go. We will be done setting up and conducting sound checks at least 30 minutes prior to any guest arriving. If there are any equipment problems we carry many spares and what is not on site is in a van staged for delivery. We have 9 DJ's in event of illness. We will act as master of ceremonies or we will assist your choice as master of ceremonies. We will follow your event schedule to the letter. Starz will get your crowd partying until the end of the night.


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