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School Dances

Starz Entertainment is your Arizona School Dance (Prom, Homecoming) choice for DJs that you can trust!

When you start calling DJ's there are some things you should know! As a legitimate Arizona DJ Business We offer you these things and you should demand every one of them from any DJ (in writing)!

1. Clean Radio Edit versions of all the latest hit songs!
We subscribe to the same services as your favorite radio stations. We have all the newest songs in the radio edit versions that you know and can trust to keep you out of trouble.. We also subscribe to remix services that offer us special dance mixes of some great songs that did not have a good dance beat!
**Did you know: Recent investigations have shown that over 80% of DJ's are using illegal downloaded versions of music. They are filled with profanity and the DJ is breaking the law. As a student leader or teacher advisor you need to set the example to others by doing business with people that are abiding by the law!

2. Better Business Member – A+ Rating 8000+ events in Arizona and NEVER a complaint!
View our BBB Info Page! We believe in being honest and ethical and giving a great service at a fair price. BBB offers mediation for problems and we offer a double your money back guarantee that our DJ will be at your event; If not you get double your money back! Ask your DJ to put that in writing!
**Did you know: There are only 5 DJ services in Maricopa County that take enough concern for you to be members of the BBB. There are nearly 1000 DJ's in Maricopa County. ONLY 5 BBB Members!

3. Contract for every event with liability insurance to cover your school in the event of any issues!
We are a real business and we care about you and the continuation of our business! Therefore we carry a million dollar liability policy in case of any strange mishap that might happen. Your school could be held liable for any issues at an event. Why risk that. Having a non-professional DJ carry in consumer grade gear without proper stands could result in a costly mishap!
**Did you know: Less than 10% of all DJ's carry any type of insurance and nearly all do not have their business registered with the state.

4. We only use the latest in technology and equipment. We have the newest in LED lighting technology and sound gear.
We do not have to stack in piles of low grade consumer gear. Smaller foot print, better sound. LED lighting uses less electric so less chance of blowing a circuit. Check out our videos to see.
**Did you know: Most DJ's out there are mixing consumer grade and professional grade gear, meaning the equipment is less efficient in every way, power, electrical use, etc. Use a professional!

**All school dances get an online planner where students can request songs, vote on favorites, and see what others have voted for. We also provide an advertising recording to play to your students during announcements and posters for your school.

Check out what Starz can do for your next prom!


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