The Price You Pay…

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The Price You Pay…

The price you pay for a professional service, company or individual, includes their promise to provide their services… no matter what… on the day of your event. Not only does that mean that the professional is giving you their word, but they are also having you sign a written contract that protects both you and them.

Over the last 40 years as a professional Musician & DJ I have performed sick countless times, with my foot in a cast, when I had thrown my back out so bad I could hardly stand let alone move gear, on the day my Father died 3000 miles away from me, once when my Wife had to go the emergency room, twice when my Son was hospitalized, after being threatened by someone in the crowd and even attacked on stage. There are NO SICK DAYS in our business and when those instances listed above occurred, none of my clients ever knew what was going on come performance time. NEVER.

I hope that all your event professionals are equally committed to play their part as promised in the overall success of your celebration.

Sadly, those looking for: “Reasonable”, “Budget Friendly”, “The Best Deal”, “Affordable”, “Fair”, “Modest”, “Average”, “Thrifty”, “Someone Cheaper”, “Economical” pricing, or the ubiquitous “family friend” who has offered to do it for free; plus never getting a contract and didn’t pay a deposit, regularly get these results: Canceled on, Ghosted, No Show, had an “emergency” which is code for “got a better paying event” or at best, on the day of the event have absolutely no idea what they are doing because they’ve never DONE IT FOR A LIVING.

The challenge is when a company or individual is not charging enough then they can’t afford to stay in business, they don’t have equipment or liability insurance, a backup process and procedure in the event of an emergency, reliable equipment and transportation. So, 6-12 months after they promised to “do the gig”, they’re no longer in business (which they never were in the first place) or give you some lame excuse as to why they can’t DJ your event.

So, when it comes time to choose vendors for your event, please take into account everything I just said and consider the peace of mind that comes with selecting a true event professional who takes the success of your celebration as seriously and as personally as you do. Want to hear more stories, I got a bunch. Call me anytime.

*Special thanks to Scott Faver from The Party Favers for his inspiration.


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