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Performance Guarantee

What is the value Starz Entertainment will deliver for my event?

1. Contract Guarantee

All Starz Entertainment events are performed via contract. Our contracts refer to this guarantee page and are designed to protect you and also to let you know what to expect as well as what is expected of you. Contracts detail table requirements, electrical requirements, safety and weather issue questions as well as addressing payments and questions regarding event and equipment specifics. All contracts require a retainer to be valid.

In our case, we will refund a retainer for up to 7 days to insure you have a chance to review everything and be comfortable in your decision. Final payments are due 30 days before event unless booked inside 30 days. If inside 30 days full payment is due upon booking. We want you to be confident. We have completed over 10,000 Events in Arizona since 1998.

2. Event Planning Guarantee

Starz Entertainment is not a “jukebox” service. We do not just show up and play music. We offer on-line planning lists, survey results to show you the most popular songs and will do far more than just helping with your music selections. We offer assistance in finding other vendors, we coordinate services with any vendor you provide us contact information for. You will receive unlimited pre-wedding consultations, whether by phone, e-mail, or in-person. This can involve as little a couple of hours to as much as 15-25 hours or more depending on the complexities of the event.

When you book Starz Entertainment, you are not simply getting a 5 hour performance; in reality you get a 15-25 hour package. We will send you reminders, but you need to call and set your planning appointment. We want it to be convenient and easy for you so let us know what works for you! While we guarantee the planning tools to be available we also require that you use them.. Song requests, vendor names, and names of key individuals for your event must be added into the online planning system.

Value: $ How much do elite professionals in other fields charge per hour? $250 or more per hour?

3. Coordination with other Professionals Guarantee

Starz Entertainment Guarantees to help coordinate your event in conjunction with your other service professionals well BEFORE your event starts. This means you can rest assured that everyone (Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, etc.) will be on the same page during your event.

Value: $Depending on the level of service, event coordinators alone start at $500 (minimal service) with most over $1000 for medium level services in Arizona – We include the coordination at no extra charge

4. Starz Entertainment Website Guarantee

Starz Entertainment Guarantees to have this website available for you with as little downtime (due to server maintenance) as possible.

For a lot of out of state clients, this is the most valuable service we offer. This helps them to plan their event despite the fact they live over 1,000 miles from the venue. There is a wealth of information that has taken countless hours to compile and we do it for FREE.

Value: $- 24/ 7 availability of support and tools for your event. You determine what it is worth.

 5. Formal Dance Guarantee($$ Guarantee)

Starz Entertainment Guarantees to have all of the songs for your formal dances and other special songs so long as we are given the formal music list via your online planner at least 30 days prior to your event and it is a song that is “Commercially available in the United States”. This means it can not be out of print, or be a song only available by import..

These are the songs included for a wedding event:
1. Bride and Groom or Guest of Honor First Dance
2. Bride and Groom or Guest of Honor Introduction Song
4. Corporate Theme Song
5. Father/Daughter Dance (weddings only)
6. Mother/Groom Dance (weddings only)

** Formal songs must be submitted via our online planning system so that when we send you final copies they list correct songs. If for any reason, songs are not correct when final planning emails are sent out 7 to 10 days prior to event, we need you to notify us of discrepancies immediately. If that is not done this guarantee can not be adhered to..(Of course we will do our best and will change to a song as long as e have it, but you must notify us of that in advance of the event.)

$$$ For EACH of the above songs that is NOT played you will be refunded $150.

***NOTE*** This is VOID if the formal music selections are made less than 30 days from the event

We have over 25,000 of the best songs available for your event. Everything from 1920s and 1930s big band, to the jazz greats, to classic rock, country, and Top 40 of every generation including today's hits! And guess what; those are all radio edits to avoid profanity and we do our best to make sure content is appropriate to your crowd.

Value: $ What is your peace of mind in knowing it is going to be done right worth?

6. Performance Guarantees ($$ Guarantee)

$$$ Starz Entertainment Guarantees we will not have a “NO SHOW” that we will actually be at the venue and perform on the day stated on your contract, (this is VOID if the start time is amended within 14 days of the event) or we will DOUBLE your money back with the exception of any Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, car accidents we are involved in, death or severe illness or injury involving emergency room and/ or hospitalization that could prevent us from performing .

$$$ Starz Entertainment Guarantees we will arrive at your event at least 60-90 minutes BEFORE contracted start time (this is VOID if the start time is amended within 14 days of the event) or you will receive a $100 refund. Why?

This assures you that we am totally prepared to deliver the best DJ Entertainment possible and that we can and will be properly attired by the time your first guests arrive.

$$$ If your event starts late because we are tardy, we will refund a percentage of your event based on how many hours are affected . 1 minute into the hour represents effecting that hour. ! Ex: 5 minute late for a 4 hour event – refund 25% because it affected the first hour. 61 minutes (1 hour, 1 minute ) late starting a 4 hour event. 50% refund (affected 2 hours)

Value: Once again, what is your peace of mind worth. We are putting our money where our mouth is… We don't deliver… you don't pay!

7. Proper Attire Guarantee

Starz Entertainment Guarantees that we will be properly attired for your event. You tell us if you want us attired in a tuxedo, a suit and tie, or if you are having a less formal event, a sports coat, company polo shirt or button down shirt can be chosen. Even less formal, a Hawaiian shirt, or tropical attire. It is up to you.

Value: $ What is the professional tone set by having a true professionally dressed DJ worth to you?

Every portion of the guarantee starts with three words: “Starz Entertainment Guarantees”. It is a personal guarantee that is what separates us from many of the other “guarantees”. Ours is in writing – and referenced on our contract.

There is a lot on the line during your special event. This could represent a huge milestone in your life or a huge event to your company or organization. Why trust your top-rate day to a second-rate service?

Prices are not quoted here but we can tell you if you are looking for a $400-700 service, we are not your Disc Jockey.

So, with that in mind…

What is the value Starz Entertainment will deliver to me for my special event or wedding reception?
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