COVID-19 Updates

Starz Entertainment Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

To Our Clients and Fellow Vendors from Starz Owner Jimmy Davenport:

These are difficult times for everyone including all of us in the wedding and event industry.  Many events are being postponed, rescheduled and in some cases completely cancelled due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.  Here is important information about what we are doing to provide services for upcoming events:

1.  If you already have a contract with Starz Entertainment, we will be happy to reschedule your event with no penalty or loss of funds (*restrictions apply).  While we may need to assign another DJ to your event, rest assured that Starz Entertainment will deliver great service and great music for you and your guests.

2.  In keeping with the CDC recommendations regarding “social distancing,” our DJs will conduct all meetings with clients and/or vendors by utilizing Skype, FaceTime, Facebook or other types of video conferencing. 

3.  Regarding microphones:  All of our DJs will remove windscreens from microphone and sanitize the microphone itself before and during your event.  This will include wireless, wired, handheld and lapel microphones. 

4.  While we love all of you dearly and love to give hugs, for now all you will be getting is a fist or elbow bump.  Don’t take it personal but we only want to keep everyone safe and healthy during this crisis.  When this thing finally blows over, let the hugs begin again!!

5.  In the event that your DJ falls ill even with a minor cough or sniffles, we will NOT be sending that DJ to your event.  As company owner I will be sure to have backup DJs on standby who will be able to fill in at a moment’s notice.  If you are a wedding client, it is IMPERATIVE that you have your forms filled out and all your music selected in your online Event Planner.  This will make it much easier for the back up DJ to step in and provide services.

Please call anytime with questions or concerns.  This pandemic will eventually pass and with your help, we will be once again be rockin’ the house at weddings and events across the Valley of the Sun and the entire State of Arizona.  In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy!


Jimmy Davenport
Starz Entertainment


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