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Arizona Ipod Wedding

Are you considering an iPod wedding ?


  • Imagine three or four of your best friends standing around arguing over what song should be played next, while all of your guests on the dance floor leave and go back to their seats.
  • Who is going to announce the wedding party, first dance and other important segments of your wedding?
  • Is that person capable of motivating and getting the crowd dancing all night long?
  • Who is going to coordinate with the vendors to keep your wedding on schedule and running smoothly?
  • Does your designated MC/DJ even know how to talk on the microphone?
  • A professional DJ will assist with planning, communicate with vendors on the day of, perform as your Master of Ceremonies, have the knowledge and expertise to provide a diverse selection of music for all ages, use experience to choose proper music at the right time, and will essentially be the “voice of your event.” Unless you have a friend of family member who knows what goes into creating a successful wedding celebration, hire a professional.
  • Your professional DJ from Starz Entertainment is an expert in use of sound gear, wireless microphones and dance floor lighting. Our DJ’s carry backup equipment because anything can happen. Starz Entertainment always has backup DJ’s on standby in case of an emergency. If you choose to provide the gear, do you know if it is even close to professional grade? If you rent, you have to select the equipment needed, pick up, deliver, move, set up, test, and operate the sound system. What if something goes wrong and the microphone begins to squeal? Who is going to fix it? The rental company? Good luck with that! At the end of the event, someone will have to tear down the gear and return it to the facility where it was rented. Of course you can pay to have all that done but by time you are done, you could have hired a professional DJ for pretty much the same price!
  • By the way, this does not include music. Does your friend know how to mix from one song to another? Your iPod sure doesn’t. Do you have enough music for everyone who is attending….including music for your parents or grandparents? Figure you will just stream it in from Pandora, Spotify or You Tube? You must be dreaming…..there are 100 things that can happen with that…and they are all bad. Want lots of new music? Have fun finding clean radio edits that won’t offend your guests!
  • Don’t take our word for it. The American Disc Jockey Association created the video shown below to help prospective brides and grooms to understand what they're getting into when they do an iPod wedding. Please take a few minutes to watch…this could be the difference between a wedding that rocks and one the really sucks:
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