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Starz Entertainment is based in Scottsdale, AZ a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.  Owner Eric Godfrey has been in the Wedding industry for over 25 years.    While servicing Arizona Brides and Phoenix Weddings, questions from brides are virtually the same everywhere.

Phoenix Arizona Wedding DJ - Garter Removal

Fun Moments While Removing Garter

Many Arizona brides ask us what to expect when attempting to Hire a Wedding DJ. Question are based on how much should be budgeted for a quality wedding DJ.

A true professional DJ will have many options and should offer you packages that fit your individual needs.  Pricing should be based on what is being delivered.

A. Basic Entry level DJ – If you are only looking for music and equipment coverage and have no concerns over the MC skills and abilities of the DJ then your expectations should be lower and you can look for a 4-6 hour package in the range of $400-$700.

B. Standard Wedding DJ – If you want a professionally trained DJ, who knows all aspects of running an event, is comfortable in making all announcements and can provide a good sound system and adequate skills in music programming with maybe 1-3 years experience you should look for pricing for 4-6 hours in the ranges of $600-$1000.

C. Senior Wedding Event Professional DJ – If you want a master of ceremonies who is going to give you:
1. Excellent music programming based on years of experience,
2. Possibly custom personalization like love stories, voice over music personal dances, custom intros for each wedding party member
3. Excellent sound system designed to fit the needs and demographics of your guest list.
4. MC who makes the event about you and your guests and seamlessly coordinates the flow and all vendors to give a perfect wedding day.
5. Consultations to design the event to fit your dreams and visions with assistance and suggestions that you can choose from.
6. Personalized service with guarantees
7. Experience of 5+ years or 200+ weddings –
8. Expect fees to vary greatly but you are probably looking at $1000 – $2500 for this type of professional and expect that they are a full time Mobile Entertainer.

D. When adding on a ceremony in a separate location expect the DJ to provide an extra set of gear, help in choosing music, at least 2 microphones ( 1 clip on or lavaliere microphone and a back up wired or hand held microphone in case of failure).  This would include up to an hour of coverage for music prior to ceremony and completion of ceremony.  Expect to pay $200-$500 extra for these services depending on the level of professional and gear you are dealing with.

What are the differences between Multiple Talent DJ operations versus Single Operators:
Single operator DJ’s can give you more personalized service and will guarantee they will be your DJ. This is excellent, but make sure they have back-up in place in case of car accidents, illness, death in family.  Also remember that a single operation DJ will probably try to adapt to fit the needs of the customer even if it is not a perfect fit.  A multiple talent operation can truly pick the DJ that best fits you and will likely have better back up in place.  They also have the ability to have junior DJ’s train with and learn from senior DJ’s.  If they actively have staff training it gives everyone the ability to learn from every DJ’s experiences.  Beware of companies that are actually just booking services for DJ’s.  If they are based in another state and hire for people here locally, that is not a good sign.  We get offers to cover events for these companies weekly.  They never ask for credentials, check on quality, or have us talk to a bride.  They just want the event covered (usually by the lowest bidder).  Make sure you meet with and are comfortable with your actual DJ for your event.

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